Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And America's Next Top Model Is....


It was pretty obvious that she was going to win... she had "photo of the week" the last 4 shoots and won basically every challenge. I liked her, and I really liked the runner up Raina. (I'll be honest... I think Krista was more talented, but Raina had better raw material to work with). With that being said, Krista shoulda been my favorite. I like it when people get things by going after them, not by being naturally blessed w/good looks....


Not sure if you guys watch this show, but it is one of my guilty pleasures.

I know it's really dumb and filled with drama, but here's what I really like about the show:
1. I love all the crazy photo-shoots they do.
2. I love the makeovers and the outfits they get to wear
3. I love that most of the girls are from some pretty hard backgrounds/small towns and that the odds are against them succeeding in the fashion industry
4. Mostly, I love that these girls are so focused and passionate about what they're doing. I envy that. I don't think I've ever had a focused goal like that...

It inspires me, which is super nerdy. But, I really am just so jealous that they are so passionate about modeling, and it makes me want to find my passion. Modeling deffo isn't it, which is lucky because I'm waaaay too short, too old, and too chubby to be able to do it anyway! It's cool kids... I'm realistic!

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JWolfgramm said...

Im so proud that you're blogging again! :) Im home now. I wanna see you soon! love ya!

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